What Does Tiger Woods Have To Say About Golf Fitting And Equipment?

The Golf Channel’s veteran reporter Kelly Tilghman recently had the opportunity to conduct a sit-down interview with Tiger Woods. The interview was aired on The Golf Channel in early October and covered a variety of subjects with the world’s number one ranked player. Of particular interest in the interview to clubmakers were the responses Tiger made when asked by Tilghman to comment on the importance of equipment to amateur golfers and the state of the golf equipment industry. (Following is an excerpt from The Golf Channel interview with Tiger Woods, as published on iseekgolf.com)

Kelly Tilghman: What is the most important thing that amateurs need to know about equipment these days?

Tiger Woods: Proper fitting, I think the ultimate key is to have the golf clubs fit you, you not fit the club. I try and stress that to all the juniors and even amateurs that I give clinics to, they ask me in Pro Ams, you got to get a club that fits. You don't want a club that's (inaudible) you like to play two degrees upright. It's not going to work. You are not going to get the maximum advantages of that club. The club was not designed to be hit that way. I think that's one of the advantages that I think club fitting has certainly made leaps and bounds is that they are able to fit people properly. In basically 20 minutes you can get a club fitting done, over and done with, get a club right there on the spot. I think that's where amateurs need to take advantage of that opportunity. I think that will help their game tremendously.

Kelly Tilghman: Talk generally about the industry and whether there's a lot of confusion out there amongst consumers about all the new equipment flooding into the market each year?

Tiger Woods:Yeah, ya think? Guys like Callaway and Taylor Made, they flood it all the time. It's very interesting to see when I play with prime guys and they tell me what is out there, what is hot, what is next, what is coming up. I say, "Well, the driver you had a couple of months ago and right now is now ancient. There have been advances since then."

I don't think enough information is being passed on to the consumer and then in order to get everything out, they just flood it and try and get the numbers up, but that's the business side of it obviously. But from a consumer side from the guys who play golf, I don't think enough information is being passed on to them about the advances of technology and how it can help them. A lot of these companies are just trying, obviously, to sell clubs and that's it, and get their numbers. Yeah, that's great and everything but I don't see them actually helping players out the way they are supposed to be. I think if they can get the word out better and more efficiently to the consumer, what is going on? How can this club actually help you? Instead of saying, this is the new technology. Okay, go hit it. That is my opinion.